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Survey Results 2015

Christian Love Seminar




To establish a network of Antioch men whose purpose is to grow spiritually through fellowship and Biblical studies.


To provide accurate, objective and timely information to assist the church leadership in setting sound fiscal policies and making budgetary decisions.

Chamber of Commerce

To deliver economic/educational programming designed to promote Christian influenced entrepreneurial business practices.

Christian Education

To assist the church program organization in planning, conducting and evaluating comprehensive educational programs; and providing leadership.

Church Administration

To serve the Church by providing administrative services under direction of the Senior Pastor.

Church Council

To coordinate, plan and evaluate the programs of the church, including the church calendar of activities.


To assist the Deacons with assigned, wards and coordinate preparations for sacred ceremonies such as baptismal and communion.


To provide fiscal guidance and advise the staff and church in the management of financial resources of Antioch

Health Care

To provide a variety of services to the church and community promoting and assisting in maintaining physical, emotional and mental health.


To minister to the church with various needs; such as special occasions with food services as the needs arise.

Human Resources

To provide general human resources support to Church Administration including benefits, compensation, payroll, recruiting and selection, and training and development

Married Couples

To encourage married couples to live a spirit-filled life that will strengthen a growing, loving relationship with God


To spread God’s Word through creativity and technology with audio and visual tools.


To help each child associate God, Jesus and the Bible with happy feelings.

Outreach & Missions

To develop and implement a program of missions and mission awareness

Performing Arts

To lead the body of Christ in offering God powerful praise and worship in spirit and in truth through creative expressions.


To plan, coordinate and evaluate a recreational program for all ages that is Christ-centered and expands the total church outreach ministry.


To provide a safe environment by observing and evaluating persons and property of AMBC and taking appropriate actions as necessary.

Senior Pastor’s Care

To provide care and support to the Pastor and family, and the ministerial staff through prayer, personal assistance and logistical support to ensure focus is on delivering the Word and teaching.


To assure an ongoing, effective senior adult program, ministering to the specific needs of senior adults

Singles/Single Parents

To provide single adults with the opportunity to develop stronger relationships and obtain morale, spiritual, emotional and educational support according to sound biblical principles and concepts


To assist the church in equipping women to meet the spiritual, relational and short-term emergency needs of AMBC women and their families.

Special Events

To plan and oversee execution of church related events including but not limited to major event promotions, fund raising, conferences, etc.

Strategic Planning

To develop and manage the strategic plan consisting of Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long Term objectives in alignment with the Mission and Vision of the church.

Sunday School

To help each member associate with God, Jesus and the Bible; teach through study of the Bible Christian approaches in problem-solving, sharing and expression.


To provide transportation of children, the elderly, handicapped and others who may need transportation for any church activity.


To provide support and oversight to the Church Administration for matters concerning assets and property, and serving as stewards of the church.


To greet worshippers with a warm welcome, assist in sanctuary seating and control entry and exit during worship services and events

Young Adult Fellowship

To reach out to young college and career oriented people; and connect them into the church, building lifelong leaders who will make a commitment to reaching the world for Christ.


To organize and develop an effective plan to accomplish the objectives of the ministry.