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Lesson 12: God Prunes and Grafts
Lesson focus: God illustrates how we are accepted into His family.
Lesson Scripture: Romans 11:11-24
It is marvelous how this week's lesson illustrates the shift there has been in God's plan for evangelizing the world. The Jews were to have been teachers of the Gentiles, the unsaved and hopeless people who did not know the Lord. The Jews failed and have been waiting for God's next move ever since. This does not mean they cannot be saved. They must come to faith in the crucified, risen, and ascended Christ just as others have. But they lost their place as the spiritual leaders of the world.

To illustrate how God has temporarily set aside the nation of Israel to concentrate on Gentiles, the Apostle Paul referred to an ancient horticultural technique called grafting. This is a process whereby a limb or branch from one plant is inserted into the trunk of another tree or bush. Using the idea of grafting, Paul reminded both Jews and Gentiles what God had been doing and will continue doing in the history of redemption.

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Sunday School Corner:
Lesson 10: Safe in God's Love
Lesson Focus: Nothing can separate us from the love of God.
Lesson Scriptures: Romans 8:28-39

Who can fathom the depth of God's love? If I succeed, He loves me. If I fail, He loves me. His love is deeper than any ocean, higher than any mountain, and more consuming than any raging fire.

We are never left alone in our distress. The Lord is always there for those who "love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." The Spirit will bring us comfort, stamina, and direction when we need them. And even if we seem to have lost our way and don't know what to pray for, the Spirit is still with us, praying in our stead and praying in harmony with the will of God.

We will have spiritual battles. We will face temptations. Distresses, persecutions, famines, and perils will come. But because Jesus has fought for us and won, we are already victorious in the midst of all opposition. We are already, "more than conquerors through him that loves us."

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Lesson 9: Death Becomes Life
Lesson Focus: Through Christ, we can live a life of victory over sin.
Lesson Scripture: Romans 6:1-4, 12-14, 17-23.

Living our new life in Christ involves many choices. God does not force us to trust in Him and be saved. The choice is compelling. In our Christian life, HE does not force us into obedience, but He will use discipline and correction to get us back on course if we stray. We will gain much: a more Christlike character, a transformed mind, and godly behavior, as we cooperate with Him.

There are no neutral influences in our lives, so our progress in sanctification will benefit others spiritually. We can choose to live a life honoring the Christ who loved us, died for us, and rose for our justification. He now lives at the Father's right hand and intercedes for us. He will soon come again to receive us. Meanwhile, we can continue to make choices as slaves to God and righteousness, freed from sin and its consequences. This will honor God and bless those around us.

Come grow with us spiritually!! We have a small group just for you.
Sunday school starts at 9:45am
~Deacon F. Mobley & Sister R. Mobley~
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