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Christian Love Seminar

Compass Teen Study....continue reading to see how your teen can be involved. ... See MoreSee Less

On Wednesday May 24, the Compass Team at Antioch launched the Give, Spend & Save Teen Study. Thirteen students from grades 6 to 12 are participating. After opening in prayer, an ice-breaker game was played and the students shared their hobbies, career goals, and how they came to know Jesus. The study, schedule and expectations were then discussed, followed by two budgeting group activities on The session concluded with a recap on the session/practical applications, discussion on next week’s homework/practical applications, completion of a prayer log, and closing out in prayer. Special thanks to Antioch Compass Church Coordinators Adonis and Telethia Willis, facilitators Michael Dill and Kayla Perkins, and recruiter Tejany Dill. Congratulations to our students for making this important life-impacting decision: • Bryana Bucci • Joseph Bucci • Angelus Diaz • Antione Ferguson • Poseidon Fiol • Platinum Foster • Janiyah Jackson • Jaime Noel • Nisha Sewell • Kelvin Simmons • Halil White • Ronald Wolfe • Keturah Wright Pray for all of those participating and that this class that will be used to glorify God and provide these students with the information and heart change to manage money God’s way.

16 hours ago

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Pastor Charles Jones
Vision Beyond Resources - con'd.

Sometimes you have to tear up stuff in order to build it up.

Watch weeds that pose as flowers in your life! Allowing weeds to hang around because they are attractive can be detrimental (i.e. that relationship with someone that you know you shouldn't be in. But, bc you have an attraction for them, you allow them to stick around).

God sometimes allows His "permissive" will to happen in your life in order for you to experience His "perfect" will.

No matter how jacked up your life may be. In the midst of hopelessness God will always send a bearer of hope!

God inspired visions are never about the visionary but for the people God intended to help!

In the infancy stage of a vision, you cannot share it with too many people. Sharing it with too many can sometimes cause it to be killed before it is adequately developed. For, everyone won't be able to see it. Thus, support it!

God cannot use you in a great cause if you're selfish with the gifts that He has given you. Your gifts and blessings are intended to be used to bless others!
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5 days ago

Wow. Read how God is impacting youths to be good stewards of what he has entrusted to them....continue reading. ... See MoreSee Less

I am so excited to announce that the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Youth Ministry teams who entered the YBE One Day Experience placed 1st and 2nd among a total of 11 teams, collecting $850 in prize winnings! After receiving teaching on how to be a Young Biblical Entrepreneur and prepare a business plan, the teams went to work, agreeing on a business idea (Kingdom Bracelets – Team 1; One Stop Kids Stop - Team 2) and completing the business plan components. These youth learned quickly, worked well together, and were very poised during their presentations. As shared with Minister Wolfe, God’s anointing on these results started from the moment Antioch and Compass Urban agreed to sponsor and support these teams. After rounding up the winnings to $900, each team member received $100 and agreed to pay God first (tithe), pay themselves second (savings) then spend the balance wisely. What a great financial stewardship example. Let’s congratulate and celebrate this accomplishment and continue to support our youth through the YBE experience.

6 days ago

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