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Lesson 9: Death Becomes Life
Lesson Focus: Through Christ, we can live a life of victory over sin.
Lesson Scripture: Romans 6:1-4, 12-14, 17-23.

Living our new life in Christ involves many choices. God does not force us to trust in Him and be saved. The choice is compelling. In our Christian life, HE does not force us into obedience, but He will use discipline and correction to get us back on course if we stray. We will gain much: a more Christlike character, a transformed mind, and godly behavior, as we cooperate with Him.

There are no neutral influences in our lives, so our progress in sanctification will benefit others spiritually. We can choose to live a life honoring the Christ who loved us, died for us, and rose for our justification. He now lives at the Father's right hand and intercedes for us. He will soon come again to receive us. Meanwhile, we can continue to make choices as slaves to God and righteousness, freed from sin and its consequences. This will honor God and bless those around us.

Come grow with us spiritually!! We have a small group just for you.
Sunday school starts at 9:45am
~Deacon F. Mobley & Sister R. Mobley~
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AMBC Singles Ministry Presents: Food, Fun and Fellowship with guest speaker Leroy Jackson III. Join us Saturday July 23, 2016 at 6:30pm. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lesson 8: God Set Things Right
Lesson focus: Christ Jesus is our sacrifice of atonement.
Lesson Scripture: Romans 3:21-31

It is sometimes hard for us to grasp the concept that faith is not a work that earns a person favor with God. The idea of earning something by working is deeply ingrained in our minds. We may think that simply having faith and believing what God has said is giving God very short change in the bargain of salvation. Yet God does not need our belief in Him to be happy or blessed in some way. He does not need our good works, even evangelism. Nor does He need our praise. We are the ones who benefit from good works, faith, and worship. God has no needs. He is perfectly capable of carrying out all he desires and plans. He is complete and perfect whether or not anyone trusts in Him.

Mankind, on the other hand, is completely needy. We have no ability to save ourselves or even to believe in God. Unless He graciously bestows on us the strength and ability to have faith in Christ, we would never believe and be saved. So today we look at how God sets us right by grace.

Come grow with us spiritually!! We have a small group just for you.
Sunday school starts a t 9:45am
~Deacon F. Mobley & Sister R. Mobley~
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