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Lesson 2: The Affirmation of the Promise
Lesson focus: God's promises are meant to be shared.
Lesson Scripture: Luke 1:39-56

In our lesson this week Mary went to visit with a relative with whom she could share her news. She knew that Elizabeth was the one person she could tell. Mary knew she could talk to Elizabeth.

Our spreading of the Good News should be this simple much of the time, go to help someone, then just take the logical next step. We should go where God has shown there are needs and a desire for companionship.

Mary was carrying some amazing good news, as are we. She didn't have to say a word when she arrived except "Hello." The Spirit of God did the rest. He gave Elizabeth the revelation of Mary's baby, filled her with His Spirit, she prophesied His reaffirming truth over Mary, and her unborn son reacted with joy.

It is a very simple scene between people, but God is the main actor. Can we go like Mary did, with no real plan, in haste and have God undertake for us?? Will we carry the Good News within us to others??

There are open doors and open hearts. There are people hungry for hope, joy, and redemption. As good disciples, we pray, ask, and look for those open hearts that God has prepared to hear His Good News and promises.

Ruby Mobley
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
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5 days ago

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Lesson 13: From Beginning to End
Lesson focus: Jesus promises He is coming soon.
Lesson Scripture: Revelation 22:12-21

A lot of things on this planet have beginnings and endings. Beginnings and endings characterized our very existence every day. Jesus Christ, eternal and infinite, declares that He is the beginning and end of everything that exists. He has complete control and mastery over everything. Such is part of the final emphasis of Revelation.

The eternal Son of God is coming again to take us to spend eternity with Him!! Let us worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We want to worship Him as the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal One.

The return of Christ is a key theme of the book of Revelation. We joyously celebrate His first coming, His first "advent," in the Christmas season. But daily we should also anticipate and pray for His return, His second "advent," to take us home to be with him forever.

Join us as we study God Word. We have a small group just for YOU!!

Ruby Mobley
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2 weeks ago

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