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PASTOR’S CORNER: A quote from today’s sermon 2/7/2016:
“Here’s a word for those struggling to move forward in what you feel God is telling you to do. Remember, your success in life is not dependent on your ability but God’s favor on you and your (God-inspired) endeavors.”

Insight: The key to living a victorious life is based on three major components as seen in the book of Joshua.
A. God's promise – Have not I commanded thee
B. God's power – I will not fail thee
C. God's presence – Nor forsake thee

“Notice how Joshua’s confidence soured having been assured of these three major components for spiritual leadership: Vs. 10. Joshua firmly believes that God has called him to lead this people in this hour.”
~Pastor Charles Jones~
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Lesson 10 / Passover
Lesson Focus / Remember and celebrate what the Lord has done.
Lesson Scripture / Exodus 12:1-14

God had been preparing Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. And at the right time, the Lord instructed Moses and the chosen people to prepare for the day of their redemption through the observance of the Passover ritual. This side of Calvary, we have redemption through faith in the Lord Jesus. Because He is always with us, we should never take too lightly what He can do in our lives.

As we learn from this weeks lesson, the Lord intended to glorify His name by using Moses and Aaron to free His people from Egyptian bondage. In turn, they faithfully communicated God's message of deliverance to His chosen people. God also has a purpose for us, and that is a very real comfort, no matter how meaningless or hopeless our prospects seem to be for the moment.

As hard as life in this world sometimes turns out to be, God promises to compassionately carry us through. He is not restricted by our limitations. Indeed, His power is above and beyond our shortcomings. God is inviting us to be a part of His great plans. Rest assured, He can and will use us in extraordinary ways to carry out his will.

Join one of our classes this Sunday after our 8:00 a.m. service. There is a class for you.
~Deacon F. Mobley & Sister R. Mobley~
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